It is 2017… Happy New Year!!! 8 Successful Habits You Can Learn from Toddlers

January 3, 2017

Every toddler embodies the traits of success. In the way they carry themselves and live life, there are a lot of habits we can learn from young kids that will help us grow, no matter how old we get as adults. That means learning to let go of some bad habits, and reprogramming ourselves to go back to basics.
You might be surprised to learn many of the amazing, successful habits you once had as a child. From speaking your mind to asking for help, you can learn a lot from the “you” that existed long before the “real world” burdened you with self-doubt, perfectionism, and day jobs. Here are eight successful habits you can learn from a toddler!

1. Express Yourself
Toddlers are not afraid to express themselves, in almost any way, shape, or form. They do what comes to mind without thinking about judgment from others.
This doesn’t mean you should say everything that comes to mind all of the time; however, learning to speak your mind more often and put less weight on what others think is a trait you’ll find in most of the world’s most successful people.

2. Take More Risks
If you ever watch a toddler run and play, you probably came close to an anxiety attack. That’s because they take risks at every turn. As adults, we can learn from this. Not to run around care-free, throwing caution to the wind, but to take more risks in life.
It’s the things we don’t do in life that we regret, so don’t be afraid of new adventures simply because you’re afraid to fail. Your three-year-old self wouldn’t.

3. Have Fun Exercising
Kids don’t exercise; they have fun. As adults, we’re constantly told we need to exercise. The problem is, the vast majority of us hate the idea of traditional exercising (i.e. going to a gym). So instead of finding a fun way to exercise, we don’t exercise at all.
Think like a child and write down some activities you enjoy that could also help you be more active. It may be a matter of just going on a walk. Don’t think about losing weight at first; simply get out and have fun.

4. Always Be Curious and Learning
How often do you find yourself learning new things for the sake of learning new things? “Not anymore,” you may be thinking.
One of the best ways to grow personally and professionally is to have a curious mind and learn as much as possible. You’ll find that opening yourself up to new lessons and experiences can make you a better and happier person.

5. Have Faith
If there’s one habit to take away from a child, it’s faith. Not religious faith, but faith that everything will be okay. That’s not to say you can simply be an eternal optimist and life will get better; however, being positive is a habit that can pay dividends in all parts of life.

6. Learn to Forgive Quickly
There is no doubt that toddlers can get really, really angry. But unlike adults, who can hold grudges for a lifetime, toddlers forgive quickly and move on to being curious and having fun. They usually don’t waste too much time on negative emotions.
If there’s one habit you take away from all of this, it should be this one. Yes, get your feelings off of your chest. Scream and cry if you have to, but forgive people and move on. You gain nothing by holding things in, being passive aggressive, or vengeful toward others.

7. Don’t Let “Time” Hold You Back
“I just don’t have time for that,” is something you probably say ten or more times a day. And yet, you have time to read this article, keep up with half a dozen TV shows, and spend nearly an hour each day checking Facebook. Just Facebook!
How often do you hear a child say they don’t have time for something? If they want to do something, they simply start doing it. Stop overthinking “time” as a setback and simply start doing the things you actually want to do with your life.

8. Ask for Help When You Need It
We all want to be strong and make it on our own without feeling indebted to others. But does not asking for help when you need it make you strong? You might’ve started believing the story that if you ask for help it’s a sign of weakness. You do that to your detriment. You might just end up in a weaker position because you failed to ask for the help that you needed.
Children can often be hard headed, but they know when to ask for help. People want to help. Swallow your pride and simply ask for it. You’ll probably end up much better for it.
If you have a children in your life you most likely sit in awe from time to time at the fearlessness and wonder they bring to the world. It’s time to inject a bit of that into your own life as well. Apply each of these lessons and you may just start building quite a few habits necessary for success!

Article Credit: John Boitnott, Journalist