Spartanburg County First Steps Administration Team
Barbara Manoski
Executive Director
Office: 864.327.4901
Pamela Dunn Jones
Director of Operations
Office: 864.327.4915
Jennie Lamm
Operations Support Specialist
Office: 864.327.4900
Rich Wofford
Fiscal Administrator
Office: 864.327.4902
Quality Counts Team
Tammy Compton
Program Director
Office: 864.327.4914
Stephanie Seay
Technical Assistance Provider to Public Schools
Office: 864.327.4911
Cathleen Cullen
Rating Specialist
Office: 864.327.4918
Courtney Cancer
Technical Assistance Provider
Office: 864.327.4909
Teresa Phillips
Technical Assistance Provider
Office: 864.327.4930
Early Head Start Team
Jeri Ross Hayes
Early Head Start Director
Office: 864.327.4904
Nikki Moton
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4921
Alis Britt
Early Head Start Program Specialist
Office: 864.327.4905
Cashel Robinson
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4919
Jodie Martin
Family Services Program Specialist
Office: 864.327.4903
Eugenia Young
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4912
Karen Parham
ERSEA Specialist
Office: 864.327.4923
Diana Gomez-Lopez
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4916
Rosalyn Splawn
Health and Nutrition Program Specialist
Office: 864.327.4906
Vanessa McNally
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4920
Laresa Tate
Quality Program Specialist
Office: 864.327.4907
Wonza Mercer
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4908
Ana Rodriguez
Family Service Specialist
Office: 864.327.4927
Natasha Doster
Program Support Specialist
Office: 864.327.4924
The Franklin School Team
Shawna Bynum
Office: 864.327.4907
Nurse-Family Partnership of Spartanburg and Union Counties Team
April Miller, RN, BSN
Holly King, RN, BSN
Nurse Home Visitor
Debbie Brush, RN, BSN
Nurse Home Visitor
Paula Poplin, RN, MSN
Nurse Home Visitor
Lisa Corkren, RN, BSN
Nurse Home Visitor
Karen Wippel, RN, BSN
Nurse Home Visitor