900 South Pine St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302

“The best evidence suggests that learning begets learning, that early investments in learning are effective. As a society, we cannot afford to postpone investing in children until they become adults, nor can we wait until they reach school age—a time when it may be too late to intervene.”

James J. Heckman, Ph.D. and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences | Professor of Economics and Director, Center for the Economics of Human Development, University of Chicago

Spartanburg County First Steps mission is to help all young children in our county arrive at school ready to learn and prepared for success.   To accomplish that we:

  • Support evidenced-based programs that are designed to strengthen families and support children’s growth and development during the first 5 years of life.

  • Build trusting relationships with early learning centers using a model of continuous improvement that helps to build and sustain high-quality learning environments.

  • Collaborate with community partners to maximize our efforts and to increase our impact positively on school readiness.

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