Quality Counts has Super Saturday Success

June 29, 2015


We are pleased to report that Quality Counts has completed two Super Saturday Seminar Days with more than 200 Quality Counts teachers and directors in attendance! This was an important component in the quality improvement cycle, and we were thrilled by the turn out.

The seminar classes were titled “Foundations of Curriculum” and “Advanced Curriculum.” Presenters included: Nicole Shea, M.Ed.; Virginia Scates, Ed.D.; Julie Hartman, Ph.D.; and Melissa Starker, M.Ed. The classes explored topics such as Milestones and Theory, Planning and the Infant Toddler Guidelines, and Assessment and Writing Lesson Plans.

Quality Counts is an initiative, funded through a partnership between Spartanburg County First Steps and the Mary Black Foundation, that supports continuous quality improvement in early care and education programs with the goal that all children will arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed. The participation and enthusiasm of the early childhood teachers and directors in events such as Super Saturday Seminar Days help to make this program successful.