Why We Should Care about Child Care as an Election Issue

August 16, 2016

If you’re a parent with young kids, what may be on your mind on Election Day isn’t “who is better on economic policy?” but “how am I going to juggle child care so that I can find the time to vote?” But you need to hold that thought even after you’ve resolved the day’s child care challenges and headed into the voting booth. Because in reality the two questions are really the same. Child care fuels both our country’s economic engine and its future engineers—and its teachers, builders, thinkers– but parents and providers are the ones who shoulder the backbreaking burden of financing it. In a new blog post, ZERO TO THREE’s Patty Cole explores why candidates for offices at all levels of government need to recognize that child care counts, and that it can’t be financed solely by parents and the sacrifices of providers. Read more.

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Article Credit:  www.zerotothree.org