“For children who are at risk, the gap between their performance and the performance of children who are not at risk begins to appear as early as 18 months of age on standardized tests.”

Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D. | Center Director, Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

You Can Help

We believe that an investment in Spartanburg County’s children is an investment in Spartanburg County’s future. You can help make that future brighter by offering to volunteer your time and uniue talents or by making a financial contribution.

With the help of community members like you, our promotion and support of proven, quality programming are helping to strengthen Spartanburg County’s community everyday.

Here are some ways our programs are affecting change, right here, at home:

Helping Spartanburg County realize and act on the importance of brain development in a child’s life ages birth to 4 years old
Lowering the number of school drop-outs by encouraging more first-time mothers to finish their high school and college degrees
Increasing the number of quality early learning experiences and environments offered to all Spartanburg County children
Increasing the number of babies receiving pre-natal care by teaching first-time mothers how to care for themselves and their babies during pregnancy
Creating community-wide strategies for bettering the lives of young children such as child abuse prevention and literacy awareness
Offering comprehensive, family learning to eligible families where parents become more engaged with children who are more likely to be attentive and responsive

And these are only some of the ways harmful societal cycles are being broken and a stronger Spartanburg County is emerging. On behalf of our county’s youngest citizens, thank you for your help!