Baby Talk: October 2019

Several years ago while attending a BUILD Initiative Round-table  I had the privilege to spend the morning with Camille Catlett, a national  leader and expert with more than 25 years in the field of early care and education. She was a sharing her expertise and deep knowledge on inclusion and dual language learners.

Camille’s  sincere and genuine love of doing “what is good and right for ALL of our young learners”  left a lasting impression on me.  Today Camille is still impacting the early care and education world and is based at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, where she has worked for the past 25 years on projects and models to prepare early childhood and early childhood special education professionals to work with young children of diverse cultures, languages, and abilities and their families.  Each month she shares the most current research and resources in a listserv called Baby Talk.  Read more in this month’s Baby Talk which includes new warnings about infants sleeping in car seats and the effect that screens have on the wiring of a toddler’s brain. Click here to read more in the October edition of Baby Talk.