How to Boost a Head Start Program at Home

Getting children prepared to enter early head start programs should begin before the start of a new school year. The following are some factors to consider to be fully prepared to influence the life of a child.

Plan Influential Outside Activities

When planning for a new year of early education, consider planning some activities that will acquaint the child with aspects of the real world. These activities are not only fun, but they also introduce children to new places, skills, and practices used when visiting. Activities like this can introduce children to different jobs and hobbies in which they could ultimately build interests. Places to visit can include the zoo, library, or farms.

Make Play a Priority

Playing with children is one of the best ways to prepare a child for school. Regular play can help a child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. It can also aid in developing problem-solving skills when faced with challenges. Try using building blocks with a child to develop motor skills through thoughtful movement or simple board games that build critical thinking and strategizing skills.

Encourage Manipulation of the Environment

Take the opportunity to develop some techniques that allow children to explore and manipulate their environments. Consider implementing creative activities such as puppetry, role-playing, sand play, and other fun pastimes. This can be helpful in teaching children how to comprehend patterns and functions, understand relationships, and solve problems.

Preparing a child for entrance into early head start programs is a crucial task, and trying out some of these activities can help provide a solid foundation for future learning.