We are in an unprecedented time of focus on child care. The pandemic revealed significant flaws in the child care system, and remedies including a substantial financial investment are currently being discussed. Every Congressional representative needs to understand the vital nature of child care and the need to act now.

Child care is important, not only because it helps parents to be a vital part of the workforce, but also because the early childhood years are a critical time in every child young children are in matter meaning that child care matters. This means that a public investment is essential to provide the quality care that parents need, and our children deserve.

The South Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, our state affiliation of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, is engaged in a campaign to highlight this need for action in support of child care. We need your help. We are launching a social media campaign on September 21, 2021 to let our representatives know that we need affordable, available, quality child care.

Take these steps:

1. Get a sticker from your child’s child care program.
2. Wear it as a badge on September 21 to let others know that child care is important to you.
3. Engage in social media throughout the day. Take a photo of your sticker and post to social media. You
can find sample tweets and Facebook posts here: https://thesocialpresskit.com/firstfiveyearsfund
4. Include the hashtag #ChildCareLetsMeWork
5. Tag your Congressional Representatives a list of contacts is attached. You can find your representatives
at scstatehouse.gov. The goal is to flood their platforms with messaging from our campaign.
6. like and share our campaign posts: https://www.facebook.com/SouthCarolinaAssociationfortheEducationofYoung
Check out this video for more information on how important early care and education is for our earliest learners.

SCAEYC: Children, Challenges, Changes – A Palmetto Perspective

Families at The Franklin School participating in the #ChildCareLetsMeWork Campaign

We encourage each of you to participate and let your representatives know how important child care is for your child and you!