Hub City Farmers Market Vouchers

Hub City Farmers Market is offering access to free food during these trying times as well as learning opportunities for students.
1) If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you are eligible to receive a $10 Market Voucher which can be spent at the Saturday Market or at one of the Mobile Market stops. Each adult household member is eligible for a $10 voucher.
2) The Seed-to-Table program is now offering Seed-to-Table Video Lessons which can be found at Two lessons are posted a week. Students who watch at least one video are eligible to receive a $10 voucher.
To receive your vouchers for either of the opportunities above, visit the HCFM booth at Saturday Market. All you need to do is let them know you would like these – no proof of need or participation is required. Alternatively, you can receive and redeem your voucher on the Mobile Market, whose schedule can be found here: