Benefits of In-Home Services for Young Children

Families with very young children benefit from the support of Family Service Specialists who are trained in the best practices for young children through early head start programs. Early Head Start is a federally funded, free, full-day, State approved, educational program for low-income children and families. One component of this support system can include in-home services.

In-Home Services

This service includes a weekly home visit from a Family Service Specialist. During the visit, the specialist will conduct developmental activities with the child, designed to teach during play. Additionally, parents receive counseling and health tips.


While the activities may seem like simple play, specialists perform developmental assessments of children while they engage in the activities. Families can receive recommendations for best practices and ongoing treatment based on these evaluations. Professionals can detect potential developmental delays and recommend early intervention. Children also benefit from an emphasis on learning from an early age, which helps prepare young children for school and long-term success.

Families with children between birth and age three are eligible to receive visits in the home. With a mission to celebrate every child and support parents as they nurture their children, in-home services offer unique assistance for families.